So I was just signing my kindergartner’s technology use form for school and got schooled by learning a new word “Netiquette” gonna have to use this more often :)

Netiquette on Wikipedia

Blogdate 11.27.12

After taking a much needed stay at home vacation the week of Thanksgiving I am back to work this week. On the list of to do’s was a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 conference in St. Louis today. I have to say I am very impressed with what Microsoft is doing right now. If you haven’t looked at their new releases you should really check them out!

Blogdate 10.9.12

Before the Rack Reconfiguration.


During the rack reconfiguration.


After we now have 11u available for new hardware!


New Hardware in place and a stuffed rack temporarily.


Blogdate 9.16.12

So rack prep begins this week for a brand new VNXe and two Dell servers. Just the first step in virtualizing our server rack. Moving from 13 physical boxes on server 2003 to 2 physical boxes running 20 virtual machines on hyper-v 2012. Stay tuned to hear how this project progresses.

Blogdate 9.6.12

Working on our 2013 Marketing plan this week. It is always interesting to me how much time it takes to look thru statistics and plan budget when marketing really just comes down to the best guess of when who will buy what and what will attract them to what product. If after looking thru all the statistics, market analysis, buying trends and planning things out, I always feel like we just made a good guess when things work out well. Anyone else feel that way?

Blogdate 9.1.12

In this blog I plan to talk about all the areas that our IT Department connects with other departments in our company, new IT technologies, and current IT technologies. I also plan to talk about Marketing and why in the world an IT Director is also a Marketing Director :) I am not long winded so my blogs will be short and sweet. I look forward to feedback and hope someone finds this interesting and useful.